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I have had a kegerator for a couple years now and have always had a hard time with too fast a pour and foam for my desired PSI ( with the standard 5foot beer lines that came with the kegerator ).  I have read all the websites and formulas which always calculate out to about 5foot or less.  I recently found some older posts that state that those formulas are more for commercial units/bars and that most home brewers use about 10' of 3/16 tubing for their kegerator/keezer to get a good slow pour for desired PSI.  I just ordered a bunch of beer line tubing and was wondering what length most people are using?
What say you all?

I use 8' of 3/16, at 6 psi, and get great results. But I know many other brewers use differing lengths and pressures, al to great results. I guess you have to find what works for you, through experimentation.

I keep my keggerator at 40 degrees, PSI at 10 and use 7' 3/16" beer lines.
Works well for me.

I have my temp set at 45F and my lines about 8' long.  PSI is set to 11lbs and my pours are very good.

It works well to start with long lines and cut the lines back until you find the "right" length for your system.


12 ft, 14 psi for me.


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