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Gas continuous flow HERMS system


Burt de Ernie:
Hi all,

I thought I would share my brew rig with you particularly because it is unique in the fact that is uses a gas continuous flow hot water heater for the heat source. The system can ramp from 59 degrees to 155 in 29 minutes.

This system incorporates the following features:

- Commercial Rinnai 200I propane gas water heater set to 167 degrees F
- Instant on demand strike water temp
- HERMS with 4 meters of coil. The HERMS has a total volume of 1.8 litres (.48 Gallons) total volume so very minimal residual heat
-The HERMS also doubles a chiller to chill the boil
- Everpure carbon filter on the system inlet
- 1 x Chugger pump to circulate the mash
- 1 x Solar flow and return pump to circulate the heated water past the HERMS coil. This is controlled by a STC 1000
-Instant on demand fly sparge system

Let me know what you think!


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