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The Clog and Thistle Brewery


After over three years of researching, designing, testing and building my new brewery is finished!  I set out with the following principles:
It had to be shiney
Brew-length approx. 30litres (3 crates, a crate and a corney, or a big and a small corney)
Easy to use and clean
Computer control where it matters, ie to improve accuracy and consistency (no gratuitous computer control and automation)
As much as possible to be homemade

I used Bergland type stock pots and used an arduino to provide the temperature control.  The HLT is 70l, the mash tun is 33l, the boiler is 50l and the fermenter has a capacity of 48l. I use a HERMS to control mash temperature.  The arduino is linked to computer which enables a nicer display.

The finished brewery


Short leads to make cleaning easier

The mash tun

The heat exchanger

Sparging (sample tap for measuring samples of first and last runnings)

The boiler

The control box and PC screen

The fermenting fridge

Very nice. Compact and efficient. Do you ferment in kettle ?


--- Quote from: morticaixavier on July 08, 2014, 10:05:50 AM ---Do you ferment in kettle ?

--- End quote ---

No, I use a 48l flat bottomed vessel from Speidel, which seals nicely and fits perfectly in my fermenting fridge.

Very, very cool!

Beautiful.  I enjoy seeing others who value stuff they make by hand as much as I do.


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