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Opening up commercial Grundy kegs


Firstly, please excuse and wrong terms or different spellings as I am in the UK.
I currently refil commercial kegs with a Grundy coupling and have no problems getting in to and adapting the older aluminium ones. All you have to do is push down the centre piece with mole grips and turn counter clockwise until the spear drops, then get large grips on the connector and turn clockwise. The safety can then be ground off and you have a reusable keg.
These newer stainless ones though are a pain and have me beaten. I have removed the outer collar on one, ground away the
small pegs and still no joy. Has anyone successfully got in to one?

I never seen that type of connector before but is it possible the whole collar turns out using the flat sides for the wrench?

On a different note, here in the colonies ( ;D) we try to make sure folks source their kegs legally.  If these are disposable and fair game, that's great!  But if you put a deposit down to get the keg, it still belongs to someone else.  Several of the active members own commercial breweries and keg theft is a pain for them.

Good luck in your quest!  It will interesting to see if anyone on here knows how to open it.

Found a bunch of links on youtube.  Here's one:


Hi Paul, thanks for the reply. We have the same laws in this country ref the kegs and there is even an organisation, Kegwatch, which actively tracks them down (although they then hold them ransom until the brewery pays to get them back) my ones are legal and owned by me.
Lots of home brewers here are moving away from cornies and starting to buy commercial sankey kegs from the manufacturer for the same price if not cheaper.
The video you linked to is the method I use for the older type but just doesn't work with the newer stainless version. Oh well, it will make a good HLT

Jeff M:
There is a Sanke Spear removal tool out on the market.  I havent done any research on Sankes yet but it may help your woes?


LIke I said to start with, I don't really know anything about those kegs. 

The whole ransom to get your own kegs back seems like something the U.S. would let happen.  8^)

Good luck in your quest.  There has to be away to open them.



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