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Blichmann Boilermaker 10 Gallon

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Considering upgrading my 7.5 gallon Polar Ware kettle to a Blichmann Boilermaker 10 gallon. Can anyone share their experience with one?

All I can say is that's a big money upgrade. I know you have been doing a lot of 1 gallons experimental stuff and are now back into 5 gallon batches. I am in the same boat, but I sprang for a 15 gallon kettle from the BruGear Kickstarter. If you ever want to go to 10 gallon batches, to split them up and experiment some more, you will need more than a 10 gallon pot. I have no experience with the blichmann, but I have learned here to buy once instead of continuously up-grading. I am sure folks will give rave reviews for the boilermaker though

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I'm not really looking to do larger than 5 gallon, it's just that my 7.5 gallon on 5 gallon batches is dicey sometimes. Plus, I'd love to upgrade to a pot w. a spigot and a temp. gauge. American made is a nice bonus as well.

I agree with franx. Look into adding weld less fittings to your existing pot. Bargain fittings will have everything you need.

Btw. While blichmanns are fitted in the us, the pot itself is from china.

Jeff M:
I love my boilermakers.  I may have spent more ont hem but the built in dip tube and sight glass are worth it.


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