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Going to be in California in late August. Most of our time will be in LA with family that lives there. I am sure they will have places they want to take us. Main question here is that we will be driving down to San Diego County specifically for beer adventures. I for sure want to see Stone. I know Lost Abbey is there, as well as Mission, Ballast Point. Alesmith, Pizza Port, and many more great breweries. How do I get the most out of less than 24 hours in San Diego County? What do I need to see that i have not mentioned if I only have a Thursday afternoon and evening, and Friday till early afternoon at the latest. For anyone that wants to say "Skip Stone." thats not going to happen, Stone started my craft beer enthusiasm and I have to spend some time there.

I'm a neophyte on SD County, but from my limited experience, here goes until a local gives advice.

Lost Abbey is not far from Stone. Rip Current is also close by in San Marcos. Pizza Port Carlsbad is not to far, down highway 78 to the coast. Of course you should be thinking Alpine brewing.  :)

This should be helpful.

Thanks Jeff. I saw a link for brewers guild, did not see visitors guide part of link. That will be a big help

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And I love the Alpine Brewing rec:)

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From what I have been told, pizza port restaurants are better than the brewery.


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