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Greetings fellow homebrewers. I'm planning on building a new brew stand. I plan on buying 3 new kettles with ball valves. Is it possible to use a stainless braid with the kettle mash tun? Or, would it be best to get a false bottom? I'm afraid if I put a braid in it I won't get all the wort out of it if it doesn't sit in the bottom. Any suggestions?


Jeff M:
A Braid can pull as much wort out as a false bottom depending on the FB design and if it uses a pickup tube.  I use boilermakers and the pickup tube is a superb addition, but it can be rather hard to swallow the additional cost just for the added perk of not leaving 1-2G in a vessel.

What Brand will you be using?  It will determine how effective the FB available to use in it will be.

I'm planning on getting a polarware 15 gallon kettle. The diameter of the kettle is 15.625". It is their economy kettle with a ball valve and bulkhead.

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if you are planning on doing direct fire mashes the false bottom might be a nice thing to have since it would keep the grain off the bottom of the kettle.

I won't be doing direct fire mashes so that is not a concern.

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