Author Topic: How do you... cucumber?  (Read 3111 times)

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Re: How do you... cucumber?
« Reply #30 on: July 20, 2014, 02:40:30 PM »
Just drank a cucumber beer at Voodoo Brewing in Meadville, PA last night.  It was the third summer in a row they have made it.  And the recipe tastes a bit better each year.  The base beer was reminiscent of simple blonde ale, lightly hopped with neutral yeast character to let the cucumbers shine through.  The bartender said they peeled about 200# of cucumbers and dry "cuked" with them in secondary.  The beer was quite refreshing and even more so with a touch of salt added to enhance the cucumber flavor.  I think the beer would have been even better had they used a yeast with a bit more character. 

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Re: How do you... cucumber?
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I had a cucumber berliner weisse at 10 Barrel in Bend and it was really tasty. I seem to think the description said they peeled and deseeded. I'm pretty sure that is the preferred course of action every time I've seen it discussed.
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Re: How do you... cucumber?
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I make a cucumber vodka drink with lemon and ginger where I juice whole peeled cucumbers. The skin is slightly bitter and also adds a green tint that I don't want. The seeds are fine since they're basically undeveloped. The plants been bred for flavorless, underdeveloped seeds much like seedless watermelons. Even annihilated in the juicer the seeds are fine and the pulp around the seeds contains a lot of juice.
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Re: How do you... cucumber?
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I heard back from the brewer at Cigar City who said that he didn't want to disappoint, but they "use cucumber essence. It is the natural distillant that is the byproduct of the concentration process of real cucumbers."  He also said that of several cucumber beers he recently tasted the best were the ones made without the peel.
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