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Wiring for mill motor

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 I want to use this dryer motor to run my grain mill. It's an ac motor .3 hp 115v 60~ 5.4amp. Can you tell based on the current wiring configuration how I can get this to run off a regular 120 v wall outlet.

My design for the motorized mill is as follows:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff M:
4 Wires makes me think its 240V not 120V.  The green attached to the housing is def the ground.  If i where you id find a 3 wire cord, hook the ground up and randomly start touching the hots to the wires and see if you can map out which is which.


Not sure if .3 hp will be strong enough.

Greetings...  Makes ya wish you would have paid attention in electronics class, huh?  At least I sure do wish I would have.  :-)  Can you show us what the plug looks like?  Like Jeff said, it looks like 220. 

There are 4 wires because dryers run on both 240 and 120. There are two hot wires that run the heater element to make the 240 part. And then there is a "neutral" wire for the electronic system and switches - which is the 120 part. The fourth is a ground. I am not an electrician - or anywhere close to one - but I was able to wire a water heater element for my hot liquor tank using the dryer outlet and so I did some research and figured it out. Hopefully someone more qualified can use better electrician language to clarify what I just wrote  ;)

I don't know which one is which on your dryer motor, but I am hoping this thread will help us figure it out. I have one of those motors sitting in my basement workshop waiting for a chance to turn it into a mill motor.


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