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Lagering in a corney keg

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I am wanting to brew a bock and in the past, I have brewed it in the winter, in an unheated garage, using an electrically heated control box for temperature control.  I was wanting to try using a corney keg, if I can find a lid that has been modified to accept a stopper and airlock.  Has anyone tried this or know someone that has?  Steve

Jeff M:
Do you want to ferment it in a corny or cold condition it? 

 You can wedge a small stopper and airlock in the prv in the lid or use a gas disconnect and tubing connected to the gas post as a blowoff.

Are you talking about performing the primary fermentation in a corny keg, or lagering in the corny keg?

I have lagered in corny kegs before. Just like Steve said, I put a connector on the gas-in post with a short length of tubing that fed into a little bucket of star-san. I've had great results.


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