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American Brown ale critique

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Joe T:
Please critique my American Brown ale recipe to be brewed next Sunday. Thanks!
Yield 11 gallons

20# Munton's Maris Otter
2.5# Breiss Crystal 80
1# Chocolate malt
2 oz Blackprinz malt

Water: RO treated with Gypsum and Calcium chloride to 51 ppm calcium, 64 ppm chloride, 37 ppm sulfate
Target pH 5.40
Mash 60 minutes at 152f
Predicted OG 1.053
40 ibu
26 srm

1.5 oz Horizon 10.3% aa for 60 minutes, 25 ibu
2 oz Northern Brewer 9.4% aa for 15 minutes, 15 ibu
2 oz EKG @ FO
1 oz Columbus @ FO

Yeast experiment: split into two fermenters. WLP001 in one and WLP002 or 007 in the other.

I'm comfortable with the grain bill. But what might I add to give it a little nuttiness? I'm concerned with the water profile. My thinking is to have enough chloride to accentuate the malt and a little sulfate to support the hops.
I like the Northern Brewer/Columbus combination and I think it will work with the grain bill. I want American hops but I don't want any citrus character in this one. Will the EKG work in this combo?

Maybe add some victory or biscuit malt?


--- Quote from: goschman on July 21, 2014, 03:08:09 PM ---Maybe add some victory or biscuit malt?

--- End quote ---
+1 I like some Victory in mine.

Joe T:
That's funny. If I add Victory I'm just some roasted barley away from the list of grains in my American stout recipe.

I'd consider swapping out the EKG for either Willamette or Fuggles.

I've come to shy away from EKG lately.  It comes across to me as quite vegetal, particularly in the darker styles like porters, stouts, and browns.  Maybe some would consider that sacrilege, but it's how my palate perceives them.

my 0.02


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