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I'm a noodle freak. Pasta too. This is a common & quick dish around the euge household.

Some frozen shrimp and a BBQ chicken wing to round out the meal. Goes great with a lager like Czechvar.

MMMMM Spicy! And hearty!

The Nong Shim "udon-type" features thicker noodles than the regular ramen. Doesn't get as soggy either. I used to only find this type of brand at the Asian market but now they are everywhere.

I love noodles as well...rice sticks are a particularly favorite.  That's a clever usage of semi "instant" noodles (albeit not ramen) with leftover BBQ chicken!  How did you make the broth?

The included seasonings are premium quality. Usually add just a few drops of sesame oil or fish sauce. They really don't need much doctoring up except for veg or meat sometimes. Frozen snowpeas...



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I'm a noodler too!

There's a Vietnamese dish Capp introduced me to called Pho...wow that is the noodle of all noodle dishes.


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