Author Topic: Hopstand/whirlpool + boil additions? Who does what?  (Read 3008 times)

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Re: Hopstand/whirlpool + boil additions? Who does what?
« Reply #30 on: July 26, 2014, 04:37:33 PM »
I've tried various approaches for specifically "hopstand" PAs and IPAs, and most of them have tasted just fine!

If I'm going for more hop flavor/less bitterness I'll go primarily with FWH, maybe a tad of 60 min, and then 1 min plus 0 min to hit my IBUs, with a minimum 45-minute steep for an estimated 10% increase of calculated IBUs.

I've been happy with just adding the 0 min hops ~10 seconds prior to shutting off the gas (or just after), no additional chilling, and stirring every 3 minutes or so for the duration of the hopstand.  As pointed out, immediately chilling to 180 - 170F will reduce the degree of additional isomerization.

I sometimes add a 5 min addition, occasionally even along with a 10 min hop addition along with the 0 min if I want a hop bomb beer, but always use a healthy amount of 0 min hops.  IIRC, traditional brewing literature still indicates  =/> 5 minute additions as "aroma" additions, which plus a hopstand = flavor + aroma. 

I also always dry hop PAs and IPAs, in the keg typically, with 2 oz, but sometimes more.  My recent Blind Pig IPA clone got 4 oz dry hops per keg, although it wasn't a hopstand beer.

These hopstand beers are wonderful, and are a huge hit for friends tasting them, who are more used to the standard commercial approach that includes a pretty big hit of back end bitterness.
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