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Thoughts on a Wheat IPA


I'm thinking of a wheat IPA for some easy summer drinking...Has anybody made one and any advice on the grain bill and best yeast for this style?  I was thinking 50/50 wheat and pale malt, some munich and crystal.
Would wy1272 be a good choice or wy1010?  Thanks

I'll spare you my thoughts on wheat IPA and talk about the experience with 1010 is that is had a kind of tart quality to it that I didn't care for.  1272 is a cleaner, more "mellow" yeast IMO.  I'd like ot hear other people's thoughts on 1010.

I use 1010 for fruit wheat beers and nothing else. I think the tart thing works pretty well with fruit, but I can't think of another beer I'd use it in. Not Belgian-y enough for saison, no use in a sour obviously. A one trick pony for me - definitely wouldn't want that in a wheat-y IPA.

I got extra wheat malt and alot of homegrown hops on hand I need to use up...A Wheat IPA sounded good...Will be an experiment, that's what homebrewing is all about!  Thanks for your thoughts.


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