Author Topic: GABF Looking to trade Saturday 5:30 PM tickets for Saturday 12:00 PM Tickets  (Read 615 times)

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Due to issues with Ticketmaster I was unable to grab tickets to the Saturday 12:00 event with the rest of my group that I am traveling with and was only able to grab two tickets for the 5:30 PM event instead. Is there anyone that will please help me with my dilemma? I will be receiving my tickets in the mail from Ticketmaster.

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As the event gets closer and people are putting plans together you will probably see more people willing to trade or sell tickets.

My other thought, not to encourage ticket scalping, is to try to find tickets to the members only session on stubhub at the ridiculously marked up price and then unload your Saturday evening session tickets at the same marked up price so you don't get burned too bad.
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