Author Topic: GABF 3 Tix & 1 DD tix NEEDED for Friday or Saturday -1 year wedding anniversary  (Read 766 times)

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Hi-I'm looking to see if anyone is willing to sell tickets for either Friday or Saturday night to the GABF in Denver, I'm looking for 3 General Admission tickets, and 1 DD ticket? I am a newly wed and my husband has a passion for brewing. His passion started from his uncle and passed down brewing equipment. He has been brewing his own for a couple years and it wasn't till we got married last October that I really appreciated his interest and his love for beer and brewing. At 10:55am on Wed. July 30th, I anxiously sat on ticketmaster, probably like the rest of you, hoping to get tickets for us to attend. And I'm sure like some of you, I hit the "search again" button for 30min with no luck. I've enlisted the help of our friends who live in Denver to keep their ears to the ground, hopefully finding if someone would be willing to sell us tickets for this incredible event. I would very much like them to attend with us, as they were the ones who introduced us and then married us 8 years later.

Some of you might know, that for a 1 year anniversary the gift is "paper" and I thought no better gift, no gift would be as meaningful then these tickets. Since we are recently married, I was hoping to get the tickets at face value, however, if you are willing to sell I'm happy to see what I can afford. I must say that I am not a big beer drinker, and really are more interested in the process and how the flavors work together, that's why the DD ticket is for me, but I will happily go along as I know how important this is to him. I'm learning everyday that marriage is so many things, one of those things is to truly appreciate your partner for who they are. My husband is a brewer, through and through, and I want so badly to give him this gift for our 1 year "paper" anniversary in October.