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Author Topic: 2014 Alamo City Cerveza Fest Winners  (Read 1823 times)

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2014 Alamo City Cerveza Fest Winners
« on: August 04, 2014, 10:11:24 am »
This is not posted anywhere publicly that does not require a log-in (Facebook), so I am posting it here:

The ACCF results are in! Congratulations to all the winners!

Cat. 1 – Light Lager
• 3rd place- Kerry Martin (1D- Hellicious Helles)
• 2nd place- Chris Rauschuber (1D- This is a Helles)
• 1st place- Jimmy Orkin (1E- Jimmy’s Export)

Cat. 2- Pilsner
• 3rd place- Brian Winter (2A- Glencrest Pilsner)
• 2nd place- Eric Heinz (2B- Czech Engine Pils)
• 1st place- Jonathan Luers (2A- Hefe Another One)

Cat. 3- European Amber Lager
• 3rd place- Mark Peterson (3B- Mine Märzen)
• 2nd place- Chris Rauschuber (3A- WienerGarten)
• 1st place- Chris Rauschuber (3B- Ides of Parch)

Cat. 4- Dark Lager
• Honorable mention- Jason Leggett-Wilson (P274C)
• 3rd place- Brian Winter (4B- Glencrest Dunkel)
• 2nd place- Jason Leggett-Wilson (4B- P274B)
• 1st place- Paul Dietert (4B- Myrkvior)

Cat. 5- Bock
• 3rd place- Raimey Roberts (5A- Rock With My Bock Out)
• 2nd place- David Rogers (5C- Violator)
• 1st place- Mark Peterson (5C- Dakota’s Doppelbock)

Cat. 6- Light Hybrid
• 3rd place- Joseph Picou (6D- Raisin’ Hell Rye Ale II)
• 2nd place- Kerry Martin (6C- Klasic Kolsch)
• 1st place- David Rogers (6A- Summer Cream)

Cat. 7- Amber Hybrid
• 3rd place- Mark Schoppe (7A- Mark’s Northern German Altbier)
• 2nd place- Scott Fertak (7B- All Too Common)
• 1st place- Chris Rauschuber (7C- Redheaded Stranger)

Cat. 8- English Pale Ale
• 3rd place- Scott Fertak (8A- El Bitter)
• 2nd place- Brian Winter (8B- Glencrest Pale Ale)
• 1st place- Don VanSlyke (8C- Rapture Ale)

Cat. 9- Scottish and Irish Ale
• 3rd place- Mark Schoppe (9C- Mark’s Scottish 80/-)
• 2nd place- Leroy Gharis (9D- It’s Not Scottish)
• 1st place- Paul Dietert (9E- Up Yer Kilt)

Cat. 10- American Ale
• 3rd place- Hank Keller (10C- How Now Brown?)
• 2nd place- Jacob Martinka (10C- Am Brown)
• 1st place- Trey Watters (10A- OJ’s Pale Ale)

Cat. 11- English Brown Ale
• 3rd place- Pete Train (11C- Flojo Pedro’s Brown Ale)
• 2nd place- Bill Arning (11C- Brewnette Goddess)
• 1st place- Kerry Martin (11A- Session Mild)

Cat. 12- Porter
• 3rd place- Mark Lurton (12C- KGB Porter)
• 2nd place- Mark Schoppe (12C- Mark’s Baltic Porter)
• 1st place- Markus Haas (12A- Brownis Porteris)

Cat. 13- Stout
• 3rd place- Bill Arning (13D- Hades Stout)
• 2nd place- Lee Pelfrey (13B- Sweet Stout)
• 1st place- Dan Dewberry (13C- Free Oats Oatmeal Stout)

Cat. 14- IPA
• 3rd place- Chris Rauschuber (14B- This is an IPA)
• 2nd place- Kenneth Johnson (14C- Hop Goodness)
• 1st place- Shawn Ziegler (14B- Intentional IPA)

Cat. 15- German Wheat and Rye
• 3rd place- Jimmy Orkin- (15A- Mike and Leroy)
• 2nd place- Craig Loerwald (15B- ReDUNKELous)
• 1st place- Eric Heinz (15A- Go Devil Hefeweizen)

Category 16- Belgian and French Ale
• 3rd place- Paul Dietert (16E- BBA- TBA, a strong dark saison)
• 2nd place- Kerry Martin (16A- Wit Dream)
• 1st place- Mark Lurton (16E- Mark Had a Little Lambic, an Oud Bruin with currants)

Cat. 17- Sour Ale
• 3rd place- none awarded
• 2nd place- Mark Peterson (17D- Mine Lambic)
• 1st place- Mark Schoppe (17A- Mark’s Berliner Weisse)

Cat. 18- Belgian Strong Ale
• 3rd place- Mark Peterson (18A- Belgium Blondie II)
• 2nd place- Shawn Ziegler (18D- Goddess of Dawn)
• 1st place- Randy Friese (18E- St. Drunkus 12)

Cat. 19- Strong Ale
• 3rd place- Mark Schoppe (19A- Mark’s English Old Ale)
• 2nd place- Paul Dietert (19A- D&D Vit D. Winter Warmer)
• 1st place- Richard Jander (19C- Good Night Irene)

Cat. 20- Fruit Beer
• 3rd place- Aaron Pachlhofer (Coconut Stout- Strong (almost imperial) stout with coconut added with a special dry nutting process)
• 2nd place- Markus Haas (Cherry Maakoos III- Foreign export stout with sour cherries)
• 1st place- Mark Schoppe (Mark’s Cherry Berliner Weisse)

Cat. 21- Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
• 3rd place- Micah Spears (Baltic Espresso- Baltic porter aged on espresso beans, cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans in a used bourbon barrel)
• 2nd place- Mark Schoppe (Mark’s Belgian Lemon Sour Surprise- Soured Belgian blonde with lemon peel, lemongrass, and lemon verbena)
• 1st place- Darell MacGregor (Lavender Buzz- American wheat, dried culinary lavender, and unfiltered Texas honey

Cat. 22- Smoke flavored and wood aged beers
• 3rd place- Aaron Pachlhofer (Olde Pig Slayer- Imperial IPA aged on oak and rested for several months to simulate sail travel)
• 2nd place- Joseph Harris (Dubbel Barrel- Belgian Dubbel, Bourbon Barrel Aged)
• 1st place- Mark Schoppe (Mark's Imperial Rauchbier IV- imperial-strength version of classic Rauchbier)

Cat. 23- Specialty Beer
• 3rd place- Markus Haas (Pretty in Paprika- Brown porter with cocoa nibs and smoked paprika added post fermentation)
• 2nd place- Jason Leggett-Wilson (P2823A- Coconut and vanilla dunkelweizen)
• 1st place- Becca Peterson (Pucker Up- Saison aged with wood spirals and made to be sour)

Cat. 24 Traditional Mead
• 3rd place- Mark Schoppe (24C- Mark’s Yaupon Holly Sweet Mead)
• 2nd place- Mark Schoppe (24A- Mark’s Mark’s Tupelo Dry Mead)
• 1st place- Cindy Oberlin (24B- Grumpy)

Cat. 25&26- Melomel, Other Mead
• 3rd place- Ron Haluzan (25C- Tropical Delight- Guava, golden quince fruit, orange blossom honey)
• 2nd place- Ron Haluzan (26A- Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Cinnamon Mead- Orange blossom varietal, Ranger Creek Bourbon Barrel Aged, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon Sticks)
• 1st place- Ron Haluzan (26C- Blackheart- Poteet Blackberries, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, wildflower varietal honey)

Cat. 27- Standard Cider and Perry
• 3rd place- Rick Pagniano (27A- Cidery)
• 2nd place- Cindy Oberlin (27D- Thirsty Huskies)
• 1st place- Barrett Tillman (27B-

Cat. 28- Specialty Cider and Perry
• 3rd place- Cindy Oberlin (28C- The Angry Tiger)
• 2nd place- Cindy Oberlin (28D- The Bunny Trail)
• 1st place- Ron Haluzan (28B- Common Cider with Cranberry Infusion)

Cat. 29- Funkiest of Show
Rick Pagniano

Best of Show (Beer)
The Best of Show panel wishes to recognize these beers as “awesome”
Jimmy Orkin (1E- Jimmy’s Export)
Markus Haas (12A- Brownis Porteris)
And the award goes to…
Paul Dietert (9E- Up Yer Kilt)

Best of Show (Mead & Cider)
Ron Haluzan (26C- Blackheart- Poteet Blackberries,
Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, wildflower varietal honey)

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Re: 2014 Alamo City Cerveza Fest Winners
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2014, 11:09:32 am »
wow, veritable Who's Who of great Texas brewers on that list...
must have been a tough competition!