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Thomas-Fawcett a good substitute for Simpsons Golden Promise?

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My LHBS doesn't carry Simpsons malts and I've only every used Golden Promise for my Scottish Ales.  They said they could order in a T-F 'golden promise like' pale malt.  I have no idea if they meant Maris Otter or Halcyon.

Would either of these make a good substitute?  I've use Maris Otter a number of times and like it a lot.  How do you think it would work in a Scottish Ale.

MO should be fine. They're both very similiar. Halcyon's a cousin, lower protein levels, lighter in color


--- Quote from: akr71 on November 10, 2009, 04:33:38 PM ---I have no idea if they meant Maris Otter or Halcyon.

--- End quote ---

its likely neither.  TF makes a Golden Promise style:

I've never used it, but wouldn't hesitate - I have been thoroughly pleased with all of TF offerrings i have tried.


Pawtucket Patriot:
FWIW, I used Crisp Pale Malt in an 80/- a few weeks ago and it turned out fantastic.  I usually use Golden Promise, but I had a bunch of Pale Malt on hand so I just went with it.  I think you'll be fine using Pale.

Can't go wrong with Thomas Fawcett.


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