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This is a topic I am curious about.  I keep hearing about and experiencing the tendency for small breweries to produce an inconsistent product.  What I never hear is why. What do small breweries not have or do which contributes to their beer being inconsistent?

Don't know why that would be. I keep mine pretty consistent. I have changed the recipe to make adjustments from time to time and I have had to substitute hops occasionally but I think consistency is extremely important.

A brewery I consult for seems unable to produce the same beer twice.  I think that's partially because he's looking for what will sell, and partially because his system is so funky that it's difficult to reproduce the beer.

I can't speak for Keith or Denny's specific breweries, but I think inconsistency is product of many variables combined in a lot of cases.  These variables may include raw ingredients selection/variability and process control variability (milling, mashing, fermentation temp control, yeast handling, etc...).  Process control variability can really make a big impact on the consistency of the end product (aroma, flavor and mouthfeel).

Knowing 3 home brewers that have gone pro over the last 2years I know that their experience is more equipment related. As they are always trying to keep up with demand, cost, efficiencies and tweaking their setups, consistency of product can suffer a bit, not to say the product goes from good to bad, just that from one batch to the next there are subtle differences due to small changes made here and there in their equipment and each learning curve associated with each change


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