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Stone Smoked Porter w/Peppers


I am looking for a tried and proven clone receipt for Stone's Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers.  If someone has one and would be willing to share it, I would greatly appreciate it.  Steve

I am pretty sure there are reputable Stone Smoked Porter recipes floating around the internet. Maybe on Stone's website or verified recipes from Stone through BN or BYO. Finding the specific recipe for the chipotle version may be more difficult. I would say once you have a good recipe for the Smoked Porter you just need to add the peppers after fermentation ends and taste daily until you are happy with the chipotle flavor.

I didn't catch the chipotle version but I did get the vanilla version. Really interesting stuff.

thanks. I will give that a try

The brewery's autobiography should be a trusted source for the recipe, at least as a snapshot in a recipe's ongoing evolution.  Page 165 of The Craft of Stone Brewing Co. specifies the following recipe:

82.5% domestic 2-row
9.5% crystal 75L
5.5% chocolate malt
2.5% peated malt

157°F mash
Mash out 165°F

90 minute boil

.293 lb/bbl Columbus (12.9% aa) [90 minute]
.23 lb/bbl Mt. Hood (6% aa) [0 minute]

WLP007 or 002 @ 72°F

SG 1.065
FG 1.018

Regarding the chipotle pepper version of this ale, the same page reads "Put .42 ounce of chopped dried chipotle peppers in a hops bag, add it during secondary fermentation, and allow it to steep for 3 days (or more or less, depending on how spicy you'd like your brew to be)".

This is specified for 5 gallons, and seems to be the only info regarding the pepper addition that appears in the book.


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