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Ommegang Wild at Heart
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:58:56 AM »
I've been dipping into my commercial stockpile as of late since I haven't been able to brew much as of late. This is one that is fairly disappointing to me.

Wild at Heart is a 100% Brett primary, but the Brett character is really subdued. To me it's like a Vienna Lager that was poorly fermented. The primary flavor is a grainy malt character that kind of makes me think of Sam Adams. There is some Belgian Tripel-like fermentation character, along with just a hint of Brett fruitiness. The finish is a bit sweet and underattenuated.

I don't know if Ommegang uses a house Brett strain, but the difference between this beer and their Biere de Mars (which had a normal primary with Brett added in the bottle) is astonishing. The Biere de Mars is one of the best Brett aged beers I've had, while the Wild at Heart is "meh" at best.
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