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I find myself with about 70 pounds of Munich malt.  all light.  Anyone got a good recipe to use this as a base malt for a 10 gallon system.  I'm looking to use 20-25 of the Munich per batch.  I have a pretty good selection of specialty malts, so all suggestions are welcome......

My favorite beer styles are Ambers, IPA's, Reds.  But would sure like to try a lager, but Munich is probably to dark for that, eh?

Not all light Munich are the same. Who's light Munich and what is the Lovibond rating?


--- Quote from: micsager on April 20, 2010, 11:40:46 PM ---But would sure like to try a lager, but Munich is probably to dark for that, eh?

--- End quote ---

so what do you think munich is used for??

bocks, dunkels, fest biers all use munich, with the former 2 using it up to 100% of the grist.

As MDixon said - more info is needed.

The Professor:
It makes a fantastic lager as 100% of the grist.
I also use at least some in practically every ale I make as well, and have always used a hefty proportion of it in my Wee Heavy...there's probably no good reason not to use 100% there too.

Experiment !!! 
Besides the fact that it's your beer,   there are no rules anyway, at least none worth slavishly adhering to (except for maybe sanitation).

i have always wanted to do 100% munich with german alt yeast.  although waiting four weeks for it to lager is a long time!

i will be trying a 100% dark munich in a few weeks.  that should be tasty!


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