Author Topic: I want to brew bigger batches  (Read 2908 times)

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Re: I want to brew bigger batches
« Reply #30 on: September 01, 2014, 05:04:55 PM »
Yeah, don't listen to the naysayers on larger batches. A real home brewer has to brew at least 10 gallon batches to be considered ligit in my book. If you can't drink 10 gallons of beer in 2 weeks your beer just must not be very good.

3 gallons? *snicker* why bother? ;)

Darn...guess I'm not a "real" homebrewer.

Exactly! ;)

Ya, well, pro brewers dont exist until I've tried their beer.

Need my shipping address?

The whole point about being a pro-brewer is people buy the beer.

I'm seriously just needlessly trolling here. In fact, I have been making some 2 gallon batches on my home gas stove just so I can still consider myself a homebrewer. And so I have some variety of beer on hand still that I don't brew at YHB. I like the small batches because I can do it in a few hours and the mess is a lot easier to clean up. I've even been bottle conditioning.

But when I did homebrew full time I found 10 gallons was the sweet spot for both experimentation and keeping my belly full of beer. :) So I understand wanting to go bigger batches. Especially if you don't drink very much commercial beer.

If my commercial beer flow was severed, especially household wide, I would need a 1BBL system

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Re: I want to brew bigger batches
« Reply #31 on: September 01, 2014, 05:18:35 PM »
When I first started brewing in the early 90's it was because of the severe lack of beer here in Alabama compared to where I moved from in PA. The best beer you could get here was Sam Adams. Now, of course, we can get just about anything but I always preferred the stuff I made compared to the stuff I could buy. And still do.

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Re: I want to brew bigger batches
« Reply #32 on: September 01, 2014, 05:44:05 PM »
I just brewed a 3/4 gallon batch yesterday.

course that was highly experiemental and I have ~20 gallons of homebrew in the fridge so not really comparable I guess.
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