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Harpoon UFO white. What is it exactly

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I think it is supposed to be a Belgian wit.  I have not cared much for Belgian wits in the past but I find this wicked refreshing.  Very slight but detectable orange citrus and very light coriander.  Not much on phenolics.  Would folks who are wit afficianados classify this as anywhere in the ballpark?  O is it perhaps an "American" wheat beer with spices?

I guess what I am looking for is how I could go about reproducing this.  I have a great American wheat beer recipe I have not made in a while as I don't usually get excited about the style.  Something just very easy drinking about this though.

My regular wheat beer uses 50/50 MO and wheat mat with all Amarillo.  I normally use US-05 for the yeast.  If I used WLP 530 and some orange peel and coriander would that give me something like Harpoon White?

Well, the "U" in "UFO" usually stands for unidentified.  Just sayin'  :)

Damn this is easy drinking.  Working out in the hopyard and  I have downed half a sixer already!  Again, normally such a beer would not really inspire me, but today, I think I may have to brew something up...

Ha, well in their case it refers to "U"nfiltered

It is meant to be a wit

I forget where I was just reading about it, I want to say Hieronymus' Brewing with Wheat, but it might have been Yankee Brew News

here is their webpage on it

Light, crisp, refreshing UFO White follows in the tradition of spiced wheat beers that have been brewed in Belgium for well over 300 year

and it was Yankee Brew News, they have an article about Harpoon this month, including their 100 Barrel and Leviathan Series


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