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How long for your lagers to drop clear?

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How long cold conditioning does it take for your lagers to drop clear?   Not necessarily "filtered" looking clear, but clear...
Usually after 2-3 weeks at 32, my ales are brilliantly clear, but my lagers tend to hold onto the haze for a bit longer.    I had a Czech pils this summer that refused to clear (until I persuaded it with gelatin)   
My Oktoberfest (with WY 2206) was brilliantly clear within 5-6 weeks.   The last German Pils (Wy 2124) I did still hung onto a tiny bit of haze even after 4-5 weeks.   
fwiw, my cooler is set at 32 (perhaps a degree or two lower-  the beer doesn't freeze, but the condensation tends to ice up on the bottom of the freezer)   

Just curious what others experiences are

Do you brew all grain (can't remember)?  It sounds like your haze shows up in Pils based malts.  Do your Pils malt based beers show a lot of protein coagulation in the boil?  Mine do - like a big bowl of egg drop soup.  Do you do a 90 minute boil?

Yeah, all grain and I do 90 minute (vigurous!) boils.

generally two weeks for it to clear, 3 for crystal almost filtered looking.

here's my recent german pils after 3 weeks lagering:

you said you have not gotten into water chem yet - that might be your culprit!

Yeah I need to get a sample off to ward labs. 


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