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Beatles, Sounding great after all these years

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The remastered Beatle albums sound freakin awesome

The Professor:
They certainly do...it took EMI quite a few years to finally get it right, but yes..."they done good". 
Best part is, the music itself  is as compelling as ever.

Greatest rock band ever, IMO.

Pawtucket Patriot:
The remasters do sound incredible.  Unfortunately, the remastered package is $300+, which is a little disappointing to me.  I mean, I'd love to have the whole remastered catalog, but I can't shell out that kind of cash.

I grew up in the era of the Beatles, but had sort of soured on them--probably from hearing the same few songs a few too many times. Listening to this set has really revived my love of this great band. It's easy to forget what a seminal group this was. Heard a BBC documentary recently about the effect of the Beatles in the USSR. An amazing story.


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