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newbie question - does yeast floating on top ever settle out?


I have an american ale that is on it's 3rd week in the primary and there seems to be tiny islands of yeast floating on the top. The airlock activity stopped a while ago (read week or two) and I've checked the SG and it has been constant for a couple of days.  I am gonna bottle it this weekend, but I am curious if these floating islands are normal.

Doesn't sound abnormal.  Try to gently swirl your fermenter and see if they drop.

I stirred a little and some settled out, but I decided to go ahead and bottle it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Sounds about right. The "stuff" floating on top dropping is just one of the visual clues the yeast is done. However, sometimes with   certain yeast the junk floating on top never drops out. Had that experience with Belgian yeast before.

The best indicator is a gravity check.

Good suggestions by everyone.

I also wouldn't worry about it much. Once you rack most of that get's left behind as well. It will fall and stick to the other yeast when you rack your beer over to bottle or to a secondary.

Good luck!


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