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I brewed my second batch this weekend. Decided to semi come up with a recipe that I would call a big IPA. I used the calculator on tastybrew. I tried to be very precise even used digital scales and a stopwatch . According to the calculator my OG should have been 1.066, Actual was 1.073. Is this within the normal margin of error? I also made a starter out of SA-05 because of the high OG and have had a good strong fermentation for 36 hrs. I'm pretty sure I have enough yeast to finish it off.
I'm learning slowly.

I'd say that you underestimated your efficiency a bit but we'd need more info to be able to help you figure out what happened.  Post the recipe and your assumed efficiency.

Boil Vloume 3.5
Batch size 5.25

5.68 lb DME
2.2 lb LME
1.25 lb Crystal 60
.25 Special B

1.0 Hallertau Tradtion  @ 50
1.0 Fuggles @ 30
1.0 Cascade @ 20
!.0 Cascade @10
1.0 Cascade @ 2

Target OG was 1.066    Actual was 1.073   assumed efficiency was 75%
Target FG was 1.017
58 IBU

Two things...

Under-pitching a little isn't going to make too much of a difference.  Don't worry about it.

That being said, it probably wasn't necessary to make a starter with the S-05.  Jamil's calc:  lists a 263 billion yeast cell count as optimal for a 1.073 beer which equates to (1.3) 11.5 gram packets.  I am sure whatever size starter you made put you well into that category.  Had you just pitched the packet, you would have been a little light which might have resulted in a few more esters but for your second brew there's probably a number of other more important things you should be worries about.

As to why you have a high OG, I'd guess temperature correction and hygrometer calibration could be one reason.   Double check your hygrometer in water and use a correction table:
My last hygrometer read high by .002 points for some reason, probably just because it was a cheap one not checked closely at the factory.

Also double check your final volume.  You may have boiled off more than you were expecting leaving you with less liquid and a higher final resultant gravity.  This is easily remedied by adding sterile makeup water.


--- Quote from: gcam333 on April 26, 2010, 07:52:20 PM ---Boil Vloume 3.5
Batch size 5.25

--- End quote ---

Since you topped off after boiling it could be that the beer was not evening mixed when you took your sample.  But that usually leads to a lower OG reading when topping off so what abraxas said is more likely.  Either an inaccurate hydrometer or your volumes were a little off.


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