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What's going on here? (Pic)

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I followed the recipe for Pliny the Elder on Sunday and this is what I saw Monday evening. 

What do I do here?  I replaced the airlock with a clean sterilized one... but then it didn't take long to boil over. 

What should I do with this?

It smells great... do I ride it out or keep replacing the airlock?

Best bet is use a blow off tube. Your yeast are going to town.

Looks like a very healthy, active ferment, no need to worry about the activity level but socalbrewer has the best advice for a blow off tube.  Until you're able to do that, keep replacing your airlock with a sanitized one.  Sometimes the yeast can harden up in those little holes, creating so much pressure from the CO2 being produced that it can blow your airlock to the ceiling (now that's a mess).  Not that it's ever happened to anyone I know... ;)

What temp did you pitch the yeast and what temp is it now? How large head space did you leave yourself? Warm picthing and fermentation temps tend to increase blow off potential. Obviously head space contributes as well.

You can rig a blow off tube really easily, just get a piece of tubing that fits over the neck on the inside of the airlock and make it long enough to reach into a container filled with water or star san to contain the mess.

I've been told that skimming the hot break helps prevent foaming over in a really active fermentation.  I'm too lazy to skim, so I can't comment whether or not it makes a difference.

A blow off tube sounds like a much easier solution.


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