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My visit to an English Brewery

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Two years ago my wife and I visited the Lake District in England. We spent one of our afternoons touring the Jennings Brewery in Cockermouth. The brewery has been on this site since the 1870's. It was quite a good time and the guide really knew about the beers. I forget %s but most of their beer goes out as cask conditioned, with some sent out by tanker truck to be bottled. I really liked all their beers other than Cumberland Ale, which I thought was a little bland, but it is a light bodied session beer.

Some pictures:

30 barrel fermenter (I think) with yeast blowing off.

A peek in a fermenter

The kettle

The mash tun

The old mash tun. They couldn't remove it without tearing out a wall so there it stays.

A truckload of casks on their way out.

Here I am, pretending like I can pull a pint through a beer engine. Sneck Lifter is a fantastic beer, btw. Dark, malty, slightly sweet. Northern Brown, I guess, if I I had to peg it to a style. I've got a clone attempt fermenting right now.

That last picture is a damn fine sight. Its a shame sometimes that locally the beer engines are the specialty not the norm....I know, though, not all beers can always be served that way...Mmmmmm Beer.

Those are great pics! I wish I could travel more. At least have some more options on TV.  Three sheets is cool but it would be nice just to have a brewery international show, anyone else agree?

Thanks for the pics. I haven't been to a British brewrey yet but hopefully one day I will. I like how they keep the equipment traditional yet included modern "amenities".


Nice pics. I would love to take a trip to the UK someday.


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