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Should we be eating our yeast cake?

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Interesting article on NPR site ...

Marmite, technically called "yeast extract," is basically what gets scraped from the bottom of the beer barrel. The British breakfast staple, which was originally sold in earthenware jars that resembled the French stockpot called a marmite, was born more than 100 years ago in a small town called Burton-On-Trent. B-on-T is also the birthplace of Bass Ale. Bass was there because the water was considered so fine. Marmite was there as Bass' garbage man: It created a use for spent brewer's yeast.

Marmite tastes nasty. Know that.

Au contraire!

I love the stuff! Yes it's a strong and powerful taste that requires some getting to know and love, but like a hoppy beer - it's worth the pain.


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Thanks for the thread link.. I enjoyed...    so the question is, has anyone been nutty enough to spread their yeast cake on a sandwich or toast?  I'd imagine that here my be an added hoppiness to this vs the commercial version.  When I brew next i'll have to be a guinea pig on this one.

Doesn't the yeast flatulate more than flocculate at that point?   ;)


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