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I'm brewing an IIPA with a recipe I designed from beer smith. I know some higher gravity beers have a longer boil time. BeerSmith has my recipe boiling for 60 minutes, but should I boil for 90 minutes. I'm using nearly a pound of hops all totaled(including dry hopping),  I use a partial boil, and late extract addition. My target OG is 1.090, and I have done a starter batch of yeast.

A 60 minute boil will be fine, especially if you're only doing a partial boil.  But longer won't hurt either, it'll just concentrate your wort down more.  Gravity doesn't really have anything to do with it in this case.

Edit - Gravity and boil time do have an impact on hop utilization though.


I always add some simple sugar to my IIPA so that it doesn't end up thick (nothing wrong with thick, necessarily, but not my style).  If you have any in your recipe, you can always add it at the end of the boil to maintain a lower boil gravity and better hop utilization.  For that matter, depending on your ratio of grain to extract, you could also add the extract at the end.

Well I brewed it the other night. It tasted pretty good. I did add a couple pounds of Lyle's Golden Syrup at the end of the boil. My O.G. was a little lower than I expected. My target was 1.090 and I got 1.090. I don't quite have 5 gallons. But I was going for gravity over quantity.


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