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How to Chill in Minnesota


As a Minnesotan, the article in the latest BA did a good job, but I just thought there are a couple of more places to maybe check out while your in town. Blue Nile and Muddy Pig were mentioned and are a couple of great bars.  Beyond that a couple on my (and many locals) favorites are Stub and Herb's ('s&fb=1&gl=us&hq=stub+and+herb's&hnear=Minneapolis,+MN&cid=0,0,14138056934315758835&ei=aWzZS5OQOpCINJuIhYEB&ved=0CAoQnwIwAA&ll=44.975075,-93.226912&spn=0.006603,0.019205&z=16&iwloc=A) which has over 30 taps...not a single BMC, and my opinion is the best tap list around.  Mac's Industrial ('s+Industrial&sll=44.975075,-93.226912&sspn=0.006603,0.019205&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=Mac's+Industrial&hnear=&ll=44.990966,-93.240538&spn=0.026405,0.076818&z=14&iwloc=A), has less taps, but a very good selection, and great food IMO.  Mac's is also close to one of the three Bulldogs (as mentioned in the article).

If anyone has any questions, I can probably answer them here.  I am out of town that weekend, which is a bummer, but I know I am excited to have the homebrew masses in my wonderful cities.

How to Chill in MN...

These look to be pretty interesting.


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Now Denny, that's not funny dontcha know.  I think ya may have scairt lots a folks with dat,  you betcha.



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