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Pink Peppercorm Saison


I know, I know. But it is for a gift. This weekend for National Homebrew Day I will be brewing my regular 10 gallon Saison recipe but taking some wort out and steeping some pink peppercorns, then putting that liquid in 5 gallons to ferment.

My question is how much peppercorns to use? A tablespoon? 1/2 oz? Should I coursley cruise them of leave them whole? Should I put them in the fermenter or just strain the steeped liquid in?

Ok, that was more than one question. Since I have never used pink peppercorns I appreciate the advice.

More info:
Description of pink peppercorns from the Spice Shop:

These Reunion Island pink peppercorns have a fruity, nutty, sweet flavor and are very delicate and light compared to true peppercorns.

I frequently use green, white and pink peppercorns in things like tripels and saisons.  Added the last 5 min. of the boil, I find 10-15 peppercorns to be about right for my tastes.

I'm curious:  Does it matter if peppercorns are whole or crushed.  If so, why? 
Are the oils or phenols on or near the surface of the peppercorn and, therefore, extractable in the beer? 
Does crushing increase utilization (i.e., by breaking the outer layer, or increased surface area, or access to the internal part of the corn)?
Does adding it to the last 5 minutes of the boil do anything more than sanitize the peppercorns? 
If so, then recipes should take into account pepper "utilization" by mentioning when they're added, how long they stay in the wort or beer, and whether they're whole or crushed (e.g. coarse, medium, or fine).

How about other grains or spices (e.g., Grains of Paradise, Star Anise, Juniper Berries, Ginger)?

I lightly crush the peppercorns.  Same with GOP.

Are't pink peppercorns not really peppercorns? White and green are, and are hot, but pink are just berries of some rose plant variety with a slightly sweet taste. I used them in one of my brews, and can't say the affected the flavor much.


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