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Chest Freezer for Fermentation

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I plan on doing a little shopping around this weekend for a chest freezer that I can use as a fermentation chamber.  I would like to safely fit as many of my carboys in the freezer as possible.  I generally have about 3-5 batches in either primary or secondary at a time.  I have one 6.5 Gallon, three 5 gal, and two 3 gal carboys.  If you have a converted chest freezer, what are the dimensions of the freezer and how many carboys can you fit in there at a time?  Aside from a digital temperature controller, is there anything else I would need to maintain consistant temps? 

(I have googled this question, but most folks use there freezer to serve beers as well and I already have a keggerator so I wouldn't use it for that purpose  ;D)

Cheers and have a great Big Brew day! 

I'll have to take the measurements when I go home, but mine fits 6 carboys easily and has room for my stir-plate with a starter on it.  Depending on where you live and where in your house your chest will be located, you might want a 2-stage controller and a heat source.  Mine is in my garage and in winter it uses the heater a lot more than the freezer (i just use a heat-pad).  Obviously if you are in Florida or Arizona or something like that you will have no need for the heater.

As for shopping around, I would watch Craigslist; I got mine about 2 and a half years ago for $100.

My chest freezer is only 5 cu ft so it only holds 1 carboy at a time.  I have a 2-stage Ranco controller and a Fermwrap to control the heat.  I taped the fermwrap to the side of the freezer and the temp probe get place on the outside of the carboy and covered with bubblewrap.

I just recently picked up a 7 cu ft chest freezer.  It holds 2 carboys. 

My 14.7 cu ft holds 2 6.5 gallon and 2 6 gallon carboys.  I also have a 5" muffin fan inside that circulates air continuously.  I just scored a 23 cu ft for $70.  No telling how many that will hold  ;D


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