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Author Topic: Hopstand/whirlpool hopping question/survey  (Read 3633 times)

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Re: Hopstand/whirlpool hopping question/survey
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2014, 08:11:09 am »
I don't think the hop stand is a replacement for dry hopping, nor for bittering hops.  In fact, I'll usually still have multiple additions throughout the boil.

+1; the two aren't mutually exclusive. Most of my hoppy beers - heck, most hoppy beers in general - use both late boil and whirlpool additions.
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Re: Hopstand/whirlpool hopping question/survey
« Reply #16 on: December 04, 2014, 09:51:13 am »
I have been moving away from "mid boil" additions in the 45-15 minute range.  I generally will FWH and then nothing until the end. Then it kind of depends on what I am going for.
Bigger IPA or DIPA = FWH + 5-10min. + Flameout/Hopstand + Dry Hop
Pale Ale/"session" or smaller IPA = FWH +Flameout/Hopstand + Dry Hop

I find if I want a little more assertive bitterness, I still like a little more contact time at boiling for those later additions.

Also, I think those late (5-10 minute) additions are a decent way to maybe mimic what a commercial brewery is really doing.  If a commercial brewery talks about a "flameout" type addition - those hops may be sitting at over 200 degrees for a fair amount of time.  In homebrewing, with temps dropping quicker due to small batch size, it is harder to get the effect of a commercial scale hopstand. 

In my sub 1.050 beers, where I want pronounced hop presence without a bitterness that overpowers the lower malt bill - I will cut back on FWH and then do everything else at flameout/hopstand/dry hop.

I have been very happy with the improvement of my APA/IPA/DIPA beers in the last year - and I think my changes in hopping are a big part of that.