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Happy Big Brew (National Homebrew Day)


Good Morning.  Here it is.  The AHA Big Brew, and may I be the first to say Happy National Homebrew Day from everyone at Ice Harbor Brewing Company.  Let's all get together and have a great day of brewing, whether it be one of the sanctioned recipes, or you own, at your LHBS or at home, let's brew some beer.  Cheers Guys.

Ice Harbor Brewing Co.

Everyone Have a Great Day!!! Cheers

Our site brewed over 40 gallons of beer and mead, with participants from 3 different clubs, all under a 70` sunny sky.  Simply couldn't have asked for a better day. 

We had 4 members (including myself) brew 4 batches with a total 0f 30 gallons.  However 15 more members showed up with samples.  It was a great beer filled day with toasts every hour (mainly because we were afraid of missing the simultaneous toast ;).


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