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I'm doing the beer for my wedding (which is a year away, so I have plenty of time), and am going to build a 4-tap jockey box.  I'd like to do custom tap handles with the special beer labels that we're putting together, and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this.

Thanks in advance!

Chill your beers in advance,  then ice will be sufficient to keep the beers cool.

When you build the tapbox keep your handles over 3 inches on center.  Most tap handles are about 3 inches wide and you want some separation to show them off. 

I built a box out of 1/2 mdf for my son's wedding, 3 inches on center.  The 3 inches works well if you are using the standard black handles but you will want more room for your custom handles.  Mine is a box with 6 taps with a drip tray, the box doubles as storage for the gas lines and the beer lines.

See my website for more of an idea of what I did.


Buy table legs, a strip of 2"x1/4", and the threaded inserts from your local hardware store.  Buy the cheap 2"x3" photo frames from Wal-Mart.

Chop off the bolt from the table leg and round off with a router.
Drill a hole in the base of the leg for the threaded insert.
Insert the insert.
Chamfer the edges of the 2x1/4 such that it fits into the back of the photo frame.
Cut into 3" lengths.
Screw onto table legs.
Stain a nice color.
Print 2x3 beer labels, place in frames and slide over mount on the tap handle

I can add more step by step photos of needed, but I dont have them to hand

These cost $4 for the table leg, $1 for the frame, $.50 for the inserts and the rest (2x1/4 and stain) was already in the garage.  Better than $40 a tap online.

That's really classy looking!  Yes, do add more photos when you have the time.  I'd like to do something very similar to what you've done and the more details and photos you provide--the more likely I'll be able to pull this off.

That really is pretty nice looking.  I'm going to attempt to replicate, and I'll make sure to take lots of pictures in the process.  Thanks for that!


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