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So I bought one of these:


With cold weather coming on soon this guy combined with my WSM should allow me to cold smoke a lot of stuff.  I'm thinking cheeses, nuts, coarse salt....fish if I get really, really daring.  Any other suggestions lads?

This probably would also be great for rauchmalt....no worries about overcooking the malt.

This looks like a candidate.  8)

Cold Smoked Salmon Recipe

Use frozen salmon because it has lost some of it's moisture during the freezing process, and it will accept the Brine solution quicker.


1. Cut the Salmon filets into 3x6 inch pieces.
2.Prepare a brine solution of salt, brown sugar, and water. The salt to brown sugar ratio is 2:1. With 2.5 gallons of water, you will need 7 cups of salt, and 3.5 cups of brown sugar. The water will be about 80% salt, and to test if the water is salty enough, and egg should float.
3. Place the fish in the brine solution. Make sure the fish filets are completely submerged.
4. Refrigerate for 12-24 hours. If the filets are thin, the time will be shorter.
5. Before removing the fish from the brine solution, slice one filet open down the middle to see if the brine has fully penetrated it. If the brine has not fully penetrated the filet, place leave the rest in the solution for a little longer, and then test again.
6. When the filets are done, remove them from the solution and place under cold running water for 1 hour. 7. Place the filets on a cookie sheet, and refrigerate for 12 more hours. This will allow the salt to even out.


1. Place in a smoker at 70-85 degrees F for 12-16 hours. I use charcoal and add mesquite or hickory chips to produce the smoke.
2. When the fish are done, vacuum seal the filets and freeze for3 days for parasite control.

The Smoker King

About the author: Aaron Ralston, also known as The Smoker King

I take it this gadget fits right into your Webber kettle?

It could probably fit in a kettle but I'll be using my WSM, with the water pan to prevent drips from dousing the smoldering sawdust.  I may have to do the cured coldsmoked salmon, I've seen several recipes.  It weirds my wife out a lot, and me just a tiny bit, but logically I understand its generally pretty safe.

If you used a kettle the key would be offsetting it, I think...food on one side, CSG on the other side, vent holes over the food.  In warm weather ice might be a good idea.

Cant wait to hear how that thing works. Been contemplating it my self ever since you showed it to me. Sounds really interesting.

Do some test runs with it to get a feel for the temps. Just remember you should be well bellow 100 degrees for cold smoking.

Dont by grocery store salmon for cold smoking. You have to be sure to get really really fresh fish.

Do you know any fisherman?

I go to the Chinese Grocery and buy live striped bass or something. Works great.

See I heard someone say on a cooking show that frozen salmon worked better than fresh salmon for cured, smoked salmon.  Andreas Viestad maybe? 


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