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three differant base malts what can I brew?

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I went to the Big Brew @ Iron Hill in Maple Shade NJ. (had a great time by the way)
Thanks to the Barley Legal Home Brewers
who sponsored the event I came home with:

3 lbs 2 row
3 lbs abbey malt
3 lbs pilsner malt
1 lb cara-pils
1 lb crystal 80L
also some cascade and magnum hops.

I am wondering what kind of beer I could make using these ingredients?
I am not to concerned about brewing "to style" just want something tasty.
I was thinking maybe some sort of amber?
I am not sure if mixing the three different base malts is a good idea.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Get some Black malt and brew something Baltic Porter-ish

I brew a Baltic Porter that uses pretty much equal amounts of 3 base malts plus specialty grains

Amber or a Pale ale or even an IPA. I wouldn't use the entire pound of 80L.

I agree with Euge.  He's probably also right about using less than 1 lb of Crystal 80L. 
I'm not so sure if it is because of color, flavor, or both.  I suspect it is both.

Pale Ale or IPA is what I'd brew.  How much of the hops do you have?  I'd recommend:
Magnum for FWH, bittering and flavor additions
Cascade for flavor and aroma additions +/- dry hopping

The Professor:
You can make a damned fine beer with these ingredients.

Like others who've weighed in, I'd vote for IPA as well, but using only  about 1/3 (or no more than 1/2)  of the 80L crystal.  I certainly would  want both flavor and color contribution from crystal  (to me the ideal IPA is deep amber/copper color and very hoppy but not bone dry)

 If it were me I'd also  add a pound of white or brown sugar as well to goose it up a bit.


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