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Re: New/Old hops
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So right before Christmas, I took a chance with NikoBrew's grab bag of hops: 4# of hops for $36, the catch was they were 2012 crop, and you would not know what you were getting until you got them. Here's what I got:

1# each of:
German Herkules 15.6AA
German Taurus 16.6AA
El Dorado 15.7AA
Saphir 3.9AA

I have found a little info on them on Hop Union's Hop Wheel, but I am wondering who has used these, in what brews, and what are your thoughts on them? Any tips are appreciated.
I haven't used it yet, but I have an oz. of Herkules to use for bittering in a batch of Imperial pilsner I'll be brewing before too long.
I like saphir (just bought two ozs. this afternoon). I brew a killer amber ale with summit, simcoe, and saphir.
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