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Hill Farmstead Brewery
« on: January 10, 2015, 02:45:16 am »

I am writing to you regarding Hill Farmstead Brewery which is one of the craft breweries that every beer geek should visit at least once in his life.
Unfortunately, as I live in Central Eastern Europe, it is not easy to get there and finally taste their beers which I have studied so extensively at and many other websites (I never had chance to try them yet). So recently I started looking for other beer geeks that would understand why it is so important for me to try those beers and that would help with buying them in Vermont and sending to Poland. Do you guys think that it would be possible at all? Maybe you know anyone from VT who would agree to help me with that? I thought that in exchange I could send a selection of European beers, apart from refunding all costs, of course. I would be glad to know your opinion on whether this plan is realistic at all.

Finally, sorry for bothering you and please let me know should this message be considered spam.

Thanks and best regards,