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Co2 tank - - inside or outside the fridge?

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Most home kegerators are designed for the tank to be inside the fridge.  Is this a good thing?  Or would it be better to have the tank on the outside of the kegerator. 

I have mine inside the kegerator.  One less thing to trip over is a staggering trip to the kegs :)

Sits on the bump that's too high to put a corny on.

Having the co2 tank in or out of the fridge will have no effect on its function or your beer.  It's really more of a convenience thing.  If you have room in the fridge, it keeps it out of the way so you don;t trip on it, and make it look a little nicer (you probably don't want a co2 tank sitting out in your living room).  On the other hand, having the tank outside may make room for an additional corny keg.  I was using a 5lb tank and had inside the chest freezer, but I have since switched to a 20lb tank and keep it outside.  Now I not only have a larger tank that i can refill cheaper and not as often, but I can also add another keg to my setup.

Also think about how many holes you want to drill into the side of your fridge/freezer.  If you drill a line for the CO2 you might also want to think about caulking or grommeting the line so that it is better insulated and wont wear on the line too.

I picked up a commercial kegerator which had a hole (with plug) in the back and a bracket for a 5# tank.  I have a 25# tank sitting next to it at the moment but may switch it over to the smaller tank whenever I get it filled.  Easier access for me - even w/ the 5# tank - having it outside so I can turn the gas off each night to avoid draining the tank if I have a leak.


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