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Pitching rate effects (experimental results)

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I (and some very generous volunteers from the NB forum) recently conducted an experiment to determine what, if any, impact under-pitching would have on a beer. The results more or less conform to the conventional wisdom - slower fermentation, increased off-flavors, etc. I know a lot of people, especially new brewers, question the need for starters, and I think the tasters' results make a pretty persuasive case for using them.

Yeast Pitching Rate Results

That is fantastic. Thanks for the indepth analysis.


--- Quote from: tom on May 10, 2010, 04:16:24 PM ---That is fantastic. Thanks for the indepth analysis.

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Thanks for the post.  It humbly reminds us that it is the yeast that make the beer.

I used to think doing a yeast starter was overkill (Erlenmeyer flasks, stir plates, test tubes, etc.) and an unnecessary expense.
I thought, "What's the difference if I pitch one cell or 100 Billion--it will eventually multiply and ferment the beer and finish the same?"

I was only half right--the FG finishes the same, but it doesn't taste the same. 
Use a starter to ensure you have enough healthy yeast to do the job right.

Now, I just need to get my fermentation fridge set up to ensure the yeast have optimal temperatures in which to do their work...

I experienced this first hand when I first started brewing many years ago. This is a testament to the fact.

Really nice work!


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