Author Topic: does anyone brew two batches at the same time?  (Read 9613 times)

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Re: does anyone brew two batches at the same time?
« Reply #30 on: November 15, 2009, 10:30:50 pm »
Two batches at once? Sort of.  I plan to do a partigyle next Saturday.  1st runnings will be a Strong Scotch Ale in the 1.090 range.  2nd runnings (with 5 more pounds of grains) will be a 70/- to 80/- Scottish Ale depending on the SG.  The Strong Scotch Ale boil will overlap the Scottish Ale for a half hour or so.  Started the Wyeast 1728 today.  I'll step it up to a gallon through out the week.  It'll be a big day for an' ol' fart like me  :o but the rewards should be worth it.
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Re: does anyone brew two batches at the same time?
« Reply #31 on: November 16, 2009, 02:33:37 pm »
I have access to 2 large kettles, 3 mash tuns and 3 burners. I routinely do 2 batches with this set up. I just stagger start my batches by about an half hour. Same amount of work really to get twice as much. I will also do a parti-gyle with the same grist in 2 mash tuns. I take the first runnings of each for a strong ale (10g) then the second running for a standard(10g). If I am really good I can get a third 5g small ale as well. takes about 10 hours to get it all done but I am finished for the month. One brew day for what used to take 4 weeks. More time for drinking since I am lazy and keg now.
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Re: does anyone brew two batches at the same time?
« Reply #32 on: November 21, 2009, 01:05:33 am »
Yes... I have 2 systems, one where I can do 15 gals and one where I can do 45 gals. On the larger one I can
split the wort between 3 kettles, one 30 gal and 2 x 15 gal so I can hop 4 different scheduals/bitterness/flavors.
When I chill I sometimes mix it up in the carboys by soaking special/dark grains to take a base beer even farther,
it just depends how much work I want to put in it.
Max output for one of these brew days is 12 carboys, but it is a lot of extra work before and after - sorting/grinding grain,
sorting/weighing hops and getting all the timing correct... plus all the carboys and yeast pitching !
I can also pull off 2 different types of beer by using first runnings only and batch sparging to get a small beer... this could be
lager or ale, Belgian, Barley Wine, Imperial beers...
Pulling off the big brew day usually adds 3 hrs on top of my normal 6 hr single brew day so it is pretty taxing especially if your having a few pints during  :D

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Re: does anyone brew two batches at the same time?
« Reply #33 on: November 27, 2009, 05:00:40 pm »
We always make two batches at the same time.  My wife makes one while I make the other.  When she is not available to brew, I will make them both myself.  Occasionally I do get things mixed up, usually late hop additions.  We have a Y adapter on the water line so that we can run two chillers at the same time. That works fine.
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