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Author Topic: 75th Custom Homebrewer's Mash Paddle! Thanks AHA!  (Read 997 times)

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75th Custom Homebrewer's Mash Paddle! Thanks AHA!
« on: March 03, 2015, 03:05:13 pm »
Thanks to MANY AHA Members from all over the world, I am about to sell my 75th "Homebrewer Sized" Mash Paddle!

To celebrate this occasion, the next FIVE people who order a Custom Mash Paddle from me in ANY Size and mentions this advert get 20 Percent off of their order!!!!

I've made a couple hundred Mash Paddles already, but mostly for Craft Brewers - recently I've been seeing a lot of homebrewers stepping up to the plate and ordering a solid hardwood paddle totally customized to their tastes.   A lot of spouses ordering them for gifts as well.   :D 

Please take a minute or two and visit my Paddle Web Page:

Thanks again to all the AHA Members out there for making my business all that much more of a success!

Bob Rhoades
AHA Member for life!
Robert Rhoades WoodWorks
Severn, MD