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Author Topic: Purchase Used Electronic parts for brewing  (Read 2092 times)

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Purchase Used Electronic parts for brewing
« on: May 13, 2010, 09:48:40 am »
I'm looking to setup a brew stand with my move to all grain, I was originally looking at a 3 tier design and using gravity to help move liquids around.  Unfortunately the space I’m going to be working/storing is not large enough handle the height.  So I’m looking at the possibility of creating a single or double tier system with a pump or 2.  I'd like to wire up a console for controlling any electronics I may have.  I’m having trouble finding some electronic swap fairs or stores in the Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas.  Anyone know of a place that I can buy used electronics so I can get switches/dials etc for cheap?

I’m looking to embellish a bit on this project, the young kids in the neighborhood look in amazement at my back yard when I’m brewing.  I figured it might be fun to add some non critical components giving it a mad scientists’ look and feel.

Thank you,