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I worry there's too much going on. You have a funky yeast, with an abrasive piney hop, with smoke, and a little roast.

Perhaps do a neutral yeast or a neutral hop with a French Saison yeast?

What about doing a black rye smoked IPA??? The rye is spicy

My thoughts exactly. That doesn't mean you shouldn't brew it though. Just keep in mind that it usually works better to highlight one or two flavors working in concert as opposed to having several strong flavors that might clash together.
I agree with this as well. I actually think a gratzer with 20% rye sounds good.

 80% oak smoked wheat malt
20% rye
and a ton of Saaz hops with 1007 as the yeast would make a nice smokey/spicy brew, you could even add carafa, and make it black!
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Just a reminder that I don't have final say on the recipe as it is my friends so I will give him your feedback but it is his say. I would like to thank everyone for the feedback also. I will try to address all the points and some changes we have made. Plan on dropping the Carafa I and replacing with a smaller amount of Carafa III. Second the attenuation was just a average based off of the White Labs website I don't have experience with the Saison Yeast. As far as the hops go I suggested something more subtle like Willamette's or EKG's something you would find in a typical Saison. OR I suggested cutting back of the late addition hops. Overall the grain bill probably won't change because, Cherrywood smoked I think would work best at what I have because it is not as assertive as other smoked malts. I think that the phenolics will blend nicely even if it finishes a little drier it would be refreshing. Overall I think this could be a truly unique beer and I will let you guys know how it turns out.
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