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Hop Museum
« on: March 14, 2015, 07:32:41 pm »
So I am in the Army and the sent some of us on temporary assignment to Germany. I had posted a while back asking for advice on places to go. Everyone had recommended places to try beer and its just everywhere here. All of the local pils has been amazing but I cannot seem to drink enough of the Dunkelwiezen. It is just the best damn beer I have ever had, going to miss it. Not only is the beer good, but its really, really cheap. Like $2.25 for a .5 liter cheap

So when driving towards Munich we were deep in Hop country and we spotted a sign for a Hop museum. Holy crap this was the coolest thing that I had seen in a while. It cost about $5 to get in but if you really look it everything you could be in there for and hour and a half. I will post pictures once I can, but it was incredible. Once your done with the museum there is a little bakery across the street that sells their local Hefe

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Re: Hop Museum
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Awesome. Sounds really, really cool. Enjoy!
Jon H.

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Re: Hop Museum
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Looking forward to those pics!
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Re: Hop Museum
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When we were driving down the autobahn through the Halleratau years ago we got off and stop there just to find it was the Ruhetag - or rest day, so  they were closed. We found the same situation for the hop Museum in Toppenish WA when we stopped there.
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