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I'm trying to brew a strong ale, perhaps like an old ale, for the first time.  Normally I make pales and ambers, as well as some lighter beers like cream ale and hef.  I'm a bit worried that my patience is not up to the challenge, and that I'll be sipping this after a week in the bottle, haha.

Anyway, here's the grain bill.  I don't know what this is, exactly. Any tips or opinions?

10# Maris Otter
1# Brown malt
.5# Biscuit
.5# Crystal 120
.75# Crystal 75
.25 Flaked Oatmeal
.5# cane sugar

I'm thinking of mashing around 152F, and fermenting with s-05 so that it doesn't get too heavy.

I would up the base a few pounds.  And I like my strong ales chewy, so I would use a yeast that's less attenuative like WLP002 or something similar.

What if I mashed higher?

Can you give us an idea what else you plan to have going on here? How about hops? Yeast? You only have given part of the puzzle. OG and IBU and volume would be nice, too.

As I said, I'm looking to ferment with S-05.  I'm not sure what the OG will come out to, but if my efficiency is okay, it'll be around 1.068 for 5 gallons.  I'm planning to only add a bittering addition--enough Challenger to get me up to about 35-40 IBUs.


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